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Someone with astigmatism has a cornea that is not symmetrical, which causes light to bend so that rays are not focused on a single point. Small amounts of astigmatism do not cause vision problems, as blinking can maintain curvature of the cornea, but when an astigmatism becomes pronounced, vision problems may occur.


  • Blurry, distorted vision at all distances
  • Difficulty adjusting your focus when switching from near to distance vision

Diagnosing Astigmatism

The professionals at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers conduct refractive evaluations, which determine whether your eyes focus light rays exactly on the retina up close and at distance, and a visual acuity test will determine your ability to see sharply and clearly at all distances. During your examination The Kleiman | Evangelista team will also check your eyes’ coordination, muscle control and ability to change focus, all of which are important factors in how well you see.

Treating Astigmatism

If you or your child has astigmatism, glasses and contact lenses may be used for temporary treatment. Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers also has several procedures that can surgically reduce or eliminate astigmatism.