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If It Involves Your Eyes, It Involves Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers

LASIK Vision Correction

Let’s start with a few things that matter most to our patients: LASIK is not painful, improvements are usually immediate, and we work with you to make sure it’s completely affordable. Our expert ophthalmologists want you to see the world without the burden of glasses or contacts. In fact, we’re so sure LASIK can help you, LASIK consultations with us are free. If LASIK isn’t quite right for you, we have several other safe, effective options, including PRK, refractive lens exchange, and Visian ICL.*

Can I afford LASIK?

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“Let me tell you why Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers is AMAZING…”

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Woman after LASIK Surgery in Dallas
Fishing after Dallas Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Many people wait to have cataract surgery until their eyes are “bad enough”. Why wait to live your life? Cataracts prevent you from doing things you love – reading, driving, gardening, everything! But the procedure to correct cataracts is fast, easy, and affordable (and often covered by insurance). Our highly skilled cataract surgeons specialize in techniques and procedures that maximize your results. They answer all your questions and consult closely with your current eye doctor before and after the surgery. We also offer you unique options to completely customize your cataract procedure around the way you live your life and use your eyes. We’re ready to get you back to enjoying the things you love to do, are you?

Read what “America’s Favorite Fisherman” Jimmy Houston said about Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers

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Advanced technology leads to better results and quicker recoveries for our patients.

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The Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers Difference

Our state-of-the-art Ophthalmology Centers of Excellence are equipped with leading diagnostic and surgical lasers. We offer these advanced technologies to optimize patient outcomes.


Interpreting the Cost of LASIK in North Texas

There are a variety of North Texas LASIK practices that perform LASIK eye surgery. For many patients selecting the appropriate eye doctors can be very frustrating. Why are the prices of LASIK so different from practice to practice? Why are the LASIK care plans different? and who is the best LASIK surgeon in the North Texas area? At Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers you can rest assured you are getting the best LASIK care at a great price and with high quality LASIK surgeons. Be cautious of discount LASIK centers because they typically hide fees in their pricing, rarely offering the advertised deal. We invite you to come tour our LASIK center and learn why Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers has developed an excellent reputation for serving our patients.

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