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What You Can Gain from Cataract Surgery

There are many misconceptions about what a cataract is. Many think it is a growth in the eye, but that’s not the case. A cataract is what happens to the natural crystalline lens of the eye as we age. A normally functioning lens focuses light onto the retina to produce clear images. When cataracts are present, the lens is cloudy, obstructing light from the retina. This is what causes blurred vision. There is no way to prevent this process from happening and surgery is the only option to reverse it. Fortunately, technological advances in cataract surgery have created a safer, more precise and customized procedure for today’s cataract patients. KE Eye Centers of TX is proud to offer Arlington, Dallas, Plano, Southlake, Mount Pleasant and Gun Barrel City cataract surgery using years of experience and the latest technology.



You can be confident knowing that our highly skilled surgeons have performed thousands of successful laser cataract procedures and that your comfort, safety, care and visual recovery are their priority from your first visit to your last.



With the latest advances in laser technology, our surgeons are able to create a unique “road map” of your eyes that offer you the most precise, personalized procedure possible.



Our blade-free, outpatient procedures safely and effectively remove cataracts to restore your vision. In most cases, patients are able to see clearly with reduced dependency on, or even completely without, glasses or contacts.


Cataract Surgery

LifeStyle Lenses

  • AcroSof IQ ReSTOR
  • Crystalens HD
  • Tecnis Multifocal Lens
  • Your surgeon will help you determine which lens best meets your vision needs, budget and lifestyle

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Common Questions

  • Are cataracts just an inevitable part of the aging process?
  • Is cataract surgery painful?
  • How does the procedure work and will my cataracts come back?
  • How long will it take me to recover?


Cataract Screening

  • Our skilled ophthalmic technicians will conduct a series of comprehensive tests
  • If cataracts are present, one of our patient counselors will discuss treatment options
  • Your surgeon will meet with you to discuss the next steps

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What Our Patients are Saying

I wanted to see where my golf ball landed, and now I can, simple as that! One of the surprises to me was the fact that there was no pain for me. This really is a pain free procedure.

Lisa Forrest of Mazatlan, Mexico
Cataract & Lifestyle Lens Patient

I have had many inquire about my eye surgery. It went smoothly, and I was so very pleased with the care I got at the KE Eye Centers of TX. Thank you for your concern, especially the prayers.

Jimmy Houston of Cookson, Oklahoma
Cataract & Lifestyle Lens Patient

When you go to the grocery store, you need to be able to read the labels. I can do that! The gentleman next to me was using a magnifying glass. I kinda chuckled! I’m REALLY grateful for my LifeStyle Lens Procedure!

Patricia Riggs of Dallas, Texas
Cataract & Lifestyle Lens Patient


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