Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center Welcomes Dr. Kristy Griffin

July 20th, 2017

A lifetime of glasses and contacts didn’t seem like a big deal to Kristy Griffin but by age 22, she could no longer wear contacts comfortably (probably undiagnosed dry eye). Not wanting to go back to glasses as she was just starting her post-graduate work, young Kristy was referred to Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers in Arlington to have LASIK. And she is so glad she was.  

Fast forward five years and Dr. Kristy Griffin is joining the same team who helped her see her best. Dr. Griffin, who is recently engaged, is so excited to join the Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center team as a doctor of optometry.

“I was really wanting to work for a medically-based optometry practice in the Dallas area,” said Dr. Griffin, who completed an optional residency in ocular disease management after her training at optometry school. “The level at which Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center practices is so impressive and I am excited to join this team.”

Dr. Griffin enjoys everything about her field of choice but is most fond of the ongoing patient interaction. “In a way, optometry is like primary care except that we specialize in one area of the body,” she said. “I like getting to know my patients, developing relationships and seeing them over the course of time.”

Dr. Griffin has a special interest in education and spent time as a teaching assistant during her undergraduate years as well as in graduate school and during her residency. Today, her patients appreciate her ability to explain their condition, treatment options and disease management in a way that is easily understandable so they can make informed, educated decisions.

Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers warmly welcomes Dr. Kristy Griffin!

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