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5 stars 5
Everyone is super nice and professional!! Very impressed~~

5 stars 5
I probably shouldve did these review months ago. Firstly, I would like to thank this wonderful staff for helping my mother. She was long over due for cataracts and is seeing even better with her new lens. Sophie was the biggest help. I speak Vietnamese fluently but didnt know some of the medical lingo. I hate to say it but my mom can be very hard headed and isnt an easy person to deal with at times. Her and staff were very patient with her. But she was just scared. You hear all type of stories where things go wrong but she said Sophie really put her at ease. The counselor helped but I think it was just a lot to process at first. She even helped with financing. We didnt think we could afford the laser assistance. Its been 7 months and my mom is still doing great.

5 stars 5
Very friendly, warm and helpful personnel. Excellent treatment and follow up. Will refer friends.

5 stars 5
My husband had his consultation in Arlington but because of his treatment needed to go to the Dallas center for the actual procedure. Everyone was VERY nice and polite there. They made him feel calm and made the experience enjoyable.

5 stars 5
I wore contacts for 45 years and finally decided I needed a change. After extensive research I chose Kleiman Evangilista. I met with Dr. Mujahid Hines and was very impressed with his honesty and professionalism. We decided I was indeed a candidate for toric-restore lens surgery. The surgeries were completed in September, 2017. He and his staff were wonderful and kind and made me feel like they cared about me as a person and not just another procedure. It is amazing to not have to wear contacts ever again. If you have questions or doubts about to do nor not to do lasik please go visit Dr. Hines and his staff. You will not regret your decision.