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My overall experience was awesome. The doctors and staff are professional, friendly and respectful. Except for my preps for laser surgery at 2 different times. Both nurses who prepped me asked if I wanted the "numbing medicine (their term)." I don't like needles so I did because I did not want to feel the pain of an IV needle insertion. I understand that they have several patients to attend to. But, the nurses did not even wait for the medicine to take effect. Right after giving the "numbing medicine" they poked my arm. I said that it was not numbed yet. Maybe I paid for the "numbing medicine" which I did not benefit from?

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5 stars 5
My first experience with KE Eye Center was in 2009. From the time i entered the door and checked in was a great experience. The staff was warm, caring, and answered all my concerns. I had lasik surgery and everything went well. The follow-up visits were also a great experience. I would recommend anyone considering lasik to call KE Eye Center.

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It was a very professional experience. Dr. Frasier answered all my questions and we worked up a plan that allowed me to be able to have distance vision along with close vision without the use of readers. The staff was very professional and friendly. They are also a model of efficiency that I appreciated. Very little wait time. My new vision is unbelievable and I would recommend their services should you be in need of this kind of procedure.