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5 stars 5
Wonderful Doctors and staff!

5 stars 5
I had an appointment at 8:40 a.m. I arrived earlier, but did not have to wait long before I was called in. A young man, whose name I failed to get, put me through the initial eye examination and testings. He was very professional and thorough, yet he made me feel very comfortable with his manner in examining my eyes. If he is a "trainee," he seemed to be very knowledgeable of this profession. I was very satisfied with his treatment of my eyes, just as I was with Dr. Glanzer, who also was very professional in his care of my eyes. He came in about 5 minutes after the young man finished the initial examination. I am very satisfied with the care I have received not only from this young man and Dr. Glanzer, but also with the other staff members of the KE Eye Center who have waited upon me: the receptionist and the cashier whom I paid and also from whom I received my next appointment. Thank you for your good service! Linda T. Zepeda

5 stars 5
They were very thorough and Dr. Kleiman was available to answer my questions, as well. I do wish their surgical centers could be closer to my home though.

5 stars 5
Only had a consultation. The staff answered my billion questions and never looked annoyed.

5 stars 5
Very professional and courteous treatment throughout the entire process. They really made me feel comfortable.