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5 stars 5
I searched all around Dallas and Fort Worth for a good Lasik facility.  I went to two other places in Dallas before checking out Kleiman.  When I arrived, I could tell it was a different type of practice.  I met with Eric, and he ended up walking me through the entire procedure, from my first appointment to my last.  I was concerned when he told me not to worry about price, and concentrate on comfort, but it ended up being less than the 2 other places I visited.  I can't imagine having a better experience anywhere.  I now drive 30 miles to see Dr. Tran (the Optometrist at Kleiman) for my regular eye exams.

5 stars 5
I heard of this place through Groupon, but when I saw the name, it sounded familiar.  Little did I know, it was the same place my coworker went to, which was great.  She was able to give me a heads up on what to expect when coming here. I just had my Lasik procedure done about a little over a week ago and the experience was amazing!  The staff there was extremely nice and very helpful.  They answered all my questions and were not bothered by my last minute questions...and trust me I had a lot!!  During my procedure, the staff was able to keep my anxiety level down.  They did everything I wanted them to do in order to help me keep my cool.  I asked the guy (forgot your name, I'm so sorry!), to continue talking and not stop because if there was a long moment of silence, my nerves would begin jumping through the roof again.  He was nice enough to do so and talked me throughout the entire procedure.  EVERYONE was soooo nice and I appreciate it soo much!!  I was so pleased with my results and welcome there, that ever since I've had my eyes corrected, I have been referring everyone I know there.  I hope they take my word for it and go experience an awesome life changing moment that will last for years to come =)

5 stars 5
I had my Lasik surgery here and had a wonderful experience! I was really scared right before I went it because my friend who had his eyes done by another ophthalmologist, wont mention names, *Cough*Cough* Dr. B*  ended up getting worse vision in his left eye after his lasik and saw halos in both his eyes! He ended up getting it fixed but it was still scary driving with him. I wanted to find an office that didn't advertise "the best price in town" but at the same time, I was looking for competitive prices. I feel that "the best price in town" doesn't necessarily mean the best for my eyes. Basically I wanted to find someone who I felt genuinely cared about me as a patient and understood my concerns.  After all... these are my eyes! And I only have 1 pair. I had talked to few different ophthalmologists and wanted to "shop" around for the best (for me). I didn't want to be tricked or trust the first doctor I went to so I talked to a few different doctors over a 6 month span and made sure to ask a lot of questions. I finally settled on Kleiman Evangelista eye center. Yes, it was a little bit of a drive for me, since I live in dallas.. but it was well worth it Dr. Ighani was who did my Lasik. He was amazing!! Extremely caring and answered every question I had. The best part was that he, himself, took time to answer all my questions. He didn't send me to the other people in the office to get answers. That was really important for me. I wanted to get to know the doctor who was going to do my lasik. I didn't want to feel like I was just another patient. He made me feel extremely comfortable and confident. I am VERY HAPPY with my lasik and was amazed at how quickly I could see. Everything went so smoothly and I couldn't be happier!   A side note: While there for one of my many Q&A sessions I noticed that there was a lady in there waiting to get botox and lip injections. She was raving about his work and said that she had been to A LOT (and by a lot I mean A WHOLE LOT) of doctors through out the years and that Dr. Ighani is her man for all things botox. I must admit I was pretty impressed. Looks like I found not only my ophthalmologist but my future "fountain of youth" Dr.

5 stars 5
I have sent 7 friends to Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center to date. Every single one of them raves about their vision first of all, then they talk about the great experience! This is good news. I appreciate knowing that the places I send friends are as good as I believe them to be as it pertains to referring friends!

5 stars 5
When my ex-roommate got a boob job, it cascaded into a perfect storm; I realized that cosmetic surgery was more then just a cure all elixir for low self esteem - it was a stepping stone into a better world.  Also, I wanted to see better. Thus I decided to look into LASIK, and specifically I got a consultation from Kleiman-Evangelista based on some recommendations from yelpers.  Turns out that I am not a good candidate for LASIK...but then again I am so blind that I would literally go into full on panic when I couldn't find my glasses in the morning or if I were to lose a contact midday.  Instead of LASIK, Kleiman-Evangelista recommended Implantable Contact Lens surgery. ICL is a procedure where they make a microscopic hole in your eye to prevent glaucoma, and then a few days later they inject a rectangular lens into the middle of your eye...the lens is rolled up inside a needle and requires only small incision. I sat on the idea for a few weeks to let it marinate, and then I pulled the trigger, made appointments, and eventually had Dr. Evangelista perform the ICL Surgery on me.  I don't really remember the surgery other then seeing lasers in one of my eyes, but I puked afterward so I am pretty sure they anastasiaed me up nicely. I was slightly concerned when, a few hours after surgery my vision went milky.  Way milky.  My concern grew later that night after the milkiness had cleared up; I checked my mail and realized my neighbors tacky xmas light / figurine yard bonanza was a glare from so many halos.  But by late that night my vision was more or less normal and by the next day my eyes felt only slight irritation. Its been a week, and my Bionification has proceeded extremely well.  My vision is as good as ever, there is no discomfort.  Nicely done Dr. Evangelista, thanks!