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4 stars 4
Lasiks and More This office did my lasik surgery and I think they did a great job, I can see the keyboard as I type so that is a plus! The staff is friendly, and the area is always clean and there is always a bottle of water or snack if you need it.  The downside here is they see a large and I mean large amount of people, so you will wait, then go through the system.  Your technician will take you room to room, test to test and you will never meet the Dr. until you will have your eyes fried... and then and only then you will get a hi!  No big deal, as you really don't need to meet the Dr. anyway...  when you get set up you either pick Dr. Kleiman or Dr. Evangelista but again it wont matter... you will be working with Dr. Tran post eye surgery and he is GREAT!  Surgery goes as fast as testing and you are done before you know it sent out of the room and another brought in... this place is a mill for eye procedures I tell you!  But again no big deal, because again the staff is nice and they take great care of you...  I strongly recommend this office for you lasiks.

5 stars 5
Great office, super nice staff, and I'm EXTREMELY happy with my results!  I've worn glasses for over 20 years with  awful vision (contacts prescription was -6.50 in my left eye, -6.00 in my right eye), but I now have 20/20 vision with no glasses or contacts!  Everyone in the office has been incredibly accommodating and personable, from my appointment deciding whether or not I was a good candidate to my last followup appointment.  Dr. Kleiman performed my surgery and made me feel at ease the entire time.  I highly recommend this place!

5 stars 5
I took my wife in for an eye exam and Dr. Evangelista and his staff we're incredible... Professional, personable, and knowledgeable. If you need LASIK in Dallas, this is hands down the only choice I would recommend to all my family and friends.

5 stars 5
Great experience!  The staff did a great job of preparing me for the operation and the Doctors explained the procedure thoroughly.   I was able to see only a few hours after the procedure.  20/20!

5 stars 5
I had my eyes done here about 10 years ago now. I just had my eyes tested again recently and I'm still 20/20. I would recommend Kleiman-Evangelista to my friends.