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5 stars Recommended
Officially part of the LASIK world. Had surgery with Dr Aaron Amacher this morning at KEEC. Easiest surgery and immediately better vision. Thanks to Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center for superb service.

4 stars 4
I too was told that I could get the procedure for $2500, but that was a special that ran supposedly only until the next day (?!?! I don't know about anyone else but I need more than a 24 hour head's up to get my eyes lasered!), so I ended up paying $3350 for a lifetime warranty with adjustments. I also qualified for two years, 0% interest plan, so I took advantage of that. The procedure itself was very quick--Dr. Evangelista knows what he's doing. There was only about 30-45 seconds of the whole process where I felt some discomfort, but it was definitely manageable, and he really did a great job of talking me through it, letting me know what was happening and how long  until the discomfort would be over. I got the procedure done at 10 am and by 2 pm I could see fine. Some blurriness, which they told me to expect, but about on the level of when I wake up WITH contacts in. My advice is go in with an open mind about the price (considering the cost of contacts and no vision insurance, this procedure will pay itself off in about 5 years for me!) and no worries about the procedure itself. Good luck!

5 stars 5
I took my wife in for an eye exam and Dr. Evangelista and his staff we're incredible... Professional, personable, and knowledgeable. If you need LASIK in Dallas, this is hands down the only choice I would recommend to all my family and friends.
5 stars 5
Girlfriend came to get her eyes checked. Our nurse was funny and knowledgeable and accommodating. Free coffee, large and open front. Well-mannered and friendly, I'll definitely come back again.

5 stars 5
I had monovision lasik at Kleiman-Evangelista and if I could give 10 stars for the rating, I would.  I am truly amazed  that I see better (both close-up and far-away) than I did prior to my surgery (when I wore contacts). Of course it was scary to think about my eyes being operated on, but It took about six minutes total and the doctor talked during the entire surgery which was very comforting.  They definitely exceeded my expectations and I am very grateful!