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5 stars 5
So anytime one wants a doctor to shoot their eye with a laser can be a scary thing - NOT THE CASE HERE....the Doctors and the Staff are very professional, methodical, and calming.   My procedure appointment lasted less than 1 hour from prep to out the door.   I was very impressed with this group and very happy I picked them

5 stars 5
Fantastic! I came in for a LASIK evaluation and knew that because of my unusual condition (Nystagmus and DVD) doing Lasik might be a challenge. They took the time to do a proper evaluation and even came up with a different way to do the surgery for me and said that if that didn't work they would stop immediately - no extra charge and no charge if once I was under the laser and they determined it could not be done. Dr. Amacher did a fantastic job and he was able to perform the procedure in both eyes on the same day. Everyone at the office is incredibly friendly and helpful and unlike other LASIK clinics they did not make me feel like I was just a number waiting my turn to go under the laser.

5 stars 5
Dr. Ehrhardt & Dr. Haarde are caring and professional.

5 stars 5
Professional and friendly staff, great doctors and quick service.

5 stars 5
First and foremost I did went to a couple of places for price ranges and to check out the environment, staff, and warranty that comes with each eye center. I did my research with the Better Business Bureau on all companies and I had to say that I was interested with this one. I went in for the "free" consultation. I say this because the consultation is not necessarily free unless you go through their pre-op exam which would be dilating your eyes and run exams. That fee gets waived and thus makes it a free consultation so be prepared to go for about 3 hours. I was given many exams and had the staff work well with me. I was also talked to about pricing and of course every procedure is custom based on your prescription needed. I decided to go with the bladeless intraLASIK they offered. I had to purchase my prescription eye drops for post-op treatment (thank goodness my insurance covered them since they are pricy). Day before Procedure: I was given a call to be in at the exact time because I would be getting one more examination. I was told to bring the Rx eyedrops I had to purchase for instructional use. I was also given advice to purchase this Groupon they have on that bumped me from my 2year warranty to lifetime warranty based on correction and other such things, which to me lifetime warranty is a heck of a great deal. Day of Procedure: I got there at 1pm exact. ran the exam, i was given the eye drops to numb the eyes and in 20 minutes I was ready to go. The procedure was completely painless I didn't feel a thing. I was done in about 10 minutes. I was given a giftpack to take home that came with goodies and of course shades for use. My vision is great and I have been keeping up with the drops for this first week (which you only are supposed to take the drops for a week and that is it) no side effects. The ONLY thing I have is seeing halos at night, but that is completely normal I contacted the doctor. My vision is increasing every day as I am recovering and I am very happy with my results. I definitely recommend these guys they have really great reviews and great background especially from Dr. Evangelista which he kept me calm and talked to me through the whole procedure. He also was very nice and friendly and gave me his cell phone number to contact him if there were any problems to immediately contact him right away. Best customer service, best professional staff, and overall great experience. Definitely go to these guys. They will help you financially as well and I gave them pricy because well face it LASIK isn't necessarily cheap haha. WORTH EVERY PENNY !