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5 stars 5
My lasik surgery went smooth and fast. I highly recommend this place.

5 stars 5
I had my surgery on 3/25/2015 and since then everyone is asking what it was like to get laser eye surgery... So here is the complete rundown of the entire experience I had with Kleiman Egangelista.... (I wanna clear something up first that no one fully explained to me before I ever started this surgery This does NOT give you laser eyes. Not in any way... Shape... Or form. They did not make this clear on their site.) And upgrading to X-ray vision isn't even an option! Even if the slip the receptionist a twenty. But whatever... I went ahead with it anyway. The initial consultation was a breeze...  . No more invasive than a regular eye exam.   The staff was extremely pleasant and Olga at the front desk is too amazing for words.   She was patient with me and very personable.  Not once did I feel like I was just another patient on the assembly line even though many people said that's how they felt at other places when I asked around.     Within an hour they were telling me my options and when I could schedule my surgery.  (he actually said if I hadda came in earlier that day I could have gotten done that same afternoon) I scheduled for a couple of days later just to prepare myself. Once my surgery was scheduled I was given prescriptions for a couple of different drops I would need the day of the surgery.  I scheduled it for 4:30 that afternoon so I wouldn't have to miss any work.   I arrived at 4:15pm and was promptly given a valium to relax my I guess and told to relax and they would call me in shortly...    At almost exactly 4:30 I was told to come on back and they were ready to begin.   Here's another helpful tip.   They take you into this all glass room so anyone can watch what is happening if they want.    They tell you this up front which is cool.  But what they don't tell you is that you don't have to get undressed beforehand.  Luckily one of the nurses stopped me before I got too far.  (the elderly indian lady that was watching winked at me though.  So you're welcome lady) Anyway... after that little snafu... I went in... They laid me down... Put all these drops in my eyes and spread one eyelid apart. They told me to look at the light and not move. I didn't want to be blinded for life... so I did as I was told and I didn't move. I felt a pressure... And could feel them cutting the corneal flap and peeling it back from my eye... As they pulled it back my vision just... Sorta... Left. That was a little concerning but I kept it gangsta and kept the screaming like a 6 year old girl inside. They told me to watch the light... "What light you bastards!!! You took my vision!!!!" But I stayed still and as the nurse counted to 15 I maintained. The laser did its thing and I could actually see my vision get better with each pulse of the laser. It was surreal. They then slipped the slice of cornea or whatever back in place and taped my eye shut. We then repeated all of that with the second eye. I was much more calm and relaxed by then. Exactly 16 minutes later I was sitting up and they were shining lights in my eyes. They told me everything looks good and that I did great. Everything was very cloudy and I thought I had gotten hustled... But again.... there was the old indian lady in the waiting room and i didn't want to alarm her so I said screw it... I have a laser pointer at home... If it doesn't get better... I'll touch it up myself. On the ride home the Valium wore off... And that's when the sun said "Hi there....  I'm gotta kick you in the face now.  Cause jesus thinks you're a dick." I covered my head with a sweater,.. Came home and took a nap. Woke up and my sight was still very blurry... But somehow... Still clear. Like I was looking through dirty contacts. And my eyes are/were still super sensitive to light. That was about an hour later...  And since i was advised that I would experience some discomfort and my best option was to try to sleep as much as I could initially... ... So after drinking half a bottle of wine... Some NyQuil zzzzz and a couple of pain pills... I was off to Dreamville. I woke up at about midnight with remarkably improved vision and the thing I wanted most in the world.... to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and actually read the time on my alarm clock. I've had two follow up visits since the surgery and my vision isn't yet 20/20 because I had extremely bad astigmatism and the doctor said that a touch up may be needed to finish clearing it up but even with that being said my vision is better than it ever was with contacts. summary... Would I do it again... hell yes. The world has never looked clearer... Best... Decision... Ever!

5 stars 5
Just had my lasik surgery done yesterday and I amazed how clear I am seeing everything! Great team @ Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center!

5 stars 5
I got PRK Laser Surgery done by Dr. Aron Amecher at Klieman Evangelista eye center in Plano, TX. The whole team is Customer Friendly and the Consultant & Doctors are Patient Focused . I was prepared for the worst during consultation. My Surgery went well and post op experience has been good. I highly recommend this place for LASIK.

4 stars 4
Went in for a consult -- was a little leery about it. I did as much research and studying up as a could. My optometrist recommended me, so with a referral the consult was free. Unfortunately with my prescription and astigmatism I wasn't a good LASIK candidate. I was bummed but thankful they are more on the conservative side. The princess and evaluation was easy and tdh staff was kind and thorough. The only drawback was I wasn't informed ahead of time that the drops used for dilating my  eyes was a "stronger medication" than the typical drops used during an exam. My eyes were dilated for 2 days afterwards! Not awesome. Good luck!