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5 stars 5
Do you want professional service?? You'll get it when you are a patient of Dr. Minadeo. He has wonderful experienced & professional staff as well.

5 stars 5
I moved to north Dallas at the beginning of this year. I had been a patient at the Arlington location before then but this location is so much better. I was in and out in less than an hour which was unheard of at the Arlington location.

5 stars 5
Pre-op visit with Dr Jacob, she took her time, double checked everything, answered all my questions, she was also my day after follow up Dr. Surgery day - not much to prepare for, I came early, checked in, was pre-medicated, checked by the Surgery Dr (Dr Ramsey), and was laid on the surgery table. Dr Ramsey explained everything as the process happened. What I wasn't expecting is that the "pressure" I was going to feel would make my vision black out, that's when the laser cuts the flap. Once the flaps were cut, I looked at a green laser light, and then it was over. I went home and desperately tried not to gouge my eyes out as the anesthetic wore off, but a couple of hours later, I was able to function. Dark rooms will be your friend for a couple of hours the first day. Day 2 check up, my right eye checked in at 20/20, with the left one at 20/30 with Dr Jacob reporting that it should clear up. I was told that my eyes will fluctuate for a while after surgery and due to the astigmatisms I had may require a "touch up" in 6 months, so I was fully prepared. Overall 3 days post op, I'm very pleased. It's weird after wearing contacts/glasses for 30+ years to be able to actually see without them, I keep wanting to take them out at night. Seriously wish I would have done it sooner. Highly recommend Dr Jacob, she was so wonderful, kind and took the time to explain everything. I did have a blood vessel that was nicked during my surgery, but other than feeling that eye is a little bruised, it doesn't bother me, it just looks cool (would have been great for Halloween, Ha! Ha!) One other thing, the medication drops they give you for post surgical care are re-sealable, don't do what I did and use them once, then toss them.

5 stars 5
I had virtually no wait and the staff and Dr. were friendly, informative and made me feel like I was important and took their time with me.

5 stars 5
It was my first visit to the eye clinic. I sit in the waiting room for several when I ask the receptionist if I was to fill out papers that I was a new patient. I had just started filling out paperwork when they called me. I finished the paperwork when I checked out. Dr. Wen I really liked. She explained everything that I wanted to know about my dry eyes. I want her as my regular Opothamist (spelled wrong). I would recommend them.