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A.M.P. Package

Astigmatism is a common yet treatable vision issue that creates blurred vision. It happens when the corneal surface of the eye has an irregular curvature. The off-centered shape of the cornea keeps light from properly focusing onto the retina.

At Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers, we feature the A.M.P. Package, which is our Astigmatic Management Package. This customizable treatment program is designed specifically for our patients living with astigmatism. While many different procedures and treatments are available to correct astigmatism, our team of surgeons at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers uses a customized approach, based on extensive individual testing to develop the ideal treatment plan for each patient.

Through the A.M.P. package, one or a combination of these procedures may be recommended by your surgeon to correct astigmatism:

  • Toric intraocular lens implant (IOL)
  • Laser vision correction (LASIK/PRK)
  • Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI)