Managing the Risks of Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a safe and effective way of restoring clear vision. It’s also one of the most commonly performed procedures in the United States — nearly four million people have cataract surgery each year.

While every surgery comes with some degree of risk, patients rarely experience complications from cataract removal procedures. Before your surgery at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers of Texas, we’ll not only make sure you’re aware of potential side effects, but will explain the steps our surgeons will take to reduce the risk of complications during and following your procedure. There are also several things you can do to help accelerate the healing process:

  • Following surgery, you’ll be given eye drops that help fend off infections and prevent your eyes from becoming inflamed. Be sure to use these drops as directed.
  • Do your best to avoid touching or rubbing your eyes after surgery — the goal is to keep irritation to a minimum.
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Potential Side Effects of Cataract Surgery

Some potential side effects of cataract surgery include:

  • Increases in eye pressure
  • Infection
  • Dislocated lenses
  • Fluid build-up
  • Posterior capsule opacity (which can mimic the cloudiness of a cataract)
  • Corneal swelling

These side effects are often minor, short-term, and treatable, however there are several extremely rare side effects that require prompt attention. If you suddenly see dark specks or floaters, or if light starts to flash across your field of sight, contact your doctor immediately. These may be signs of a retinal detachment — a medical emergency that can result in blindness if not treated right away.

If you have diabetes, you’re at an increased risk of experiencing complications from cataract surgery, including diabetic retinopathy (caused by damage to the blood vessels in the eye) and macular edema (a build-up of fluid in the center of the retina that can distort vision). That said, our team of experienced surgeons will work to provide you with excellent care both before and after your procedure to ensure your eyes are as healthy as possible.

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Technology Is Making Cataract Surgery Even Safer

Technological advances help reduce the risk of complications during cataract surgery. At Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers of Texas, our surgeons use LenSx Cataract Lasers to make incisions, which helps them make an already safe and precise procedure even more so. The LenSx includes an additional tool called Intraoperative Aberrometry that allows a surgeon to take measurements of your eye in the operating room that help guide a more accurate placement of your new lens.

Again, the side effects associated with cataract surgery tend to be few and far between. Cataract surgery is an extremely common and effective procedure, and, in the vast majority of cases, is also extremely safe. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to bring them up during your consultation appointment — we’re happy to talk you through the potential side effects and answer all your questions.

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The doctors at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers are among the most experienced in the DFW metroplex, having performed thousands of procedures for satisfied patients using the most advanced technology.


I have been a patient of Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center for many years and I have never been disappointed with their treatment. I had cataract extractions done at this facility and my vision is much improved now. I would recommend them to anyone!

- Alexis M.


My experience was very good and professional. I would recommend Dr. Stephens and his team to anyone considering cataract surgery.

- Linda W.


I had cataract surgery by Dr. Evangelista and am extremely satisfied. I have continued to rely on Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers of Texas for my total eye care.

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