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Cataract Patient Stories

At KE Eye Centers of Texas, our goal is to provide you with as much information possible in order to make an informed decision about your life-changing vision correction procedure. We invite you to read or watch testimonials from our patients who have shared their story with us.





Jimmy Houston, “America’s Favorite Fisherman”

Jimmy-Houston_600x600“In the last year, my vision became so poor that I had to wear reading glasses to see anything up close, and I couldn’t see very well at a distance either. So, I went to see my optometrist, Dr. Ryan Parker, in Ardmore, OK.

He told me I had cataracts and suggested I go to Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center in Arlington, TX, for the LifeStyle Lens Procedure and laser cataract surgery. He set it all up for me.

It went smoothly, and I was so very pleased with the care I received from Kleiman | Evangelista Eye Center. It’s amazing; the results have just been incredible! They first did the LifeStyle Lens replacement and after, I could read anything…I mean anything! I was grabbing bottles of shampoo in the shower and reading the tiniest print on them just because I could.

They also performed laser cataract surgery to help with my distance vision, and now I can shoot a bow better than ever…shoot a rifle better than ever. My casting has come back to the way it was when I was a kid! They did a really remarkable job.”

Dennis Fenton, “The Master Craftsman”


“Cataract surgery was life-changing, I can see very clearly now without glasses.”

When Dennis’ wife “beat” him by a significant amount during their ritual shooting outing, it was then that he determined he needed new prescription glasses. He talked it over with his wife, “his guardian angel,” and they both agreed that he should get LASIK. Dennis researched online and went in for a consultation with another local ophthalmologist who concluded that it wasn’t LASIK he needed, it was cataract surgery.

The local doctor told him that his right eye was far worse, so Dennis decided to only have surgery done in that eye. While the surgery went fine, Dennis was not satisfied with the way he was treated at the other local practice, so he knew he did not want to return.

A year after that first cataract surgery, Dennis started to notice significant “fogginess” in his left eye. He was seeing in three different colors. As a woodworker for 25 years, he didn’t know what color he was actually seeing; a skill much needed to master the craft of woodworking.

A co-worker of his wife (an ICU nurse) recommended Dr. Evangelista of Kleiman | Evangelista Eye Center in Arlington, TX. Knowing that Dennis’ trade was woodworking, Dr. Evangelista suggested the “One-Drop” Cataract Surgery and LifeStyle Lens Procedure, in particular, the Tecnis Multifocal Lenses. “I very much like Dr. Evangelista,” said Fenton. “He was very relaxing when he talked to me, he never sounded stressed or forced any clinical words on me.”

After meeting with the KE financial counselor, and learning what his bill would be, Dennis was very pleased to know that it was exactly what they initially quoted him. He appreciated the simplicity and transparency of the payment process.

A few weeks after Dennis’ surgery, he and his wife decided to take the “License to Carry” class. During the class, they both had to shoot in order to qualify for their license. Dennis ended up beating his wife by 7 points – he shot 243 out of 250.

“You may not think you are missing a lot until you get cataract surgery done,” said Dennis.

“Cataracts creep up on you. It does not happen overnight, your eyes adjust slowly. I would highly recommend Kleiman | Evangelista Eye Center for cataract surgery.”

Experiencing a sudden change in prescription, trouble seeing in low light or halos at night? It might be cataracts. The good news is that, like we did for Dennis, we can help!

Jeri Rudisill

Judi-RudisillJeri Rudisill of Whitney, Texas has been in glasses for as long as she can remember. Jeri had her cataract procedure with Dr. Kelly Frasier at Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center in February of 2017. “I would do it again in a heartbeat. The thrill of not having to wear glasses has not worn off yet and my vision is still improving!”

“Everything is so much better without glasses,” said Jeri. “A simple thing such as being able to read the labels on the products in the shower rather than just knowing them by size and color. It is just amazing! Everyone at Kleiman|Evangelista was so great and friendly and helpful,” she said. “I am grateful to be able to share my experience so others will be encouraged to improve their quality of life, too.”

Lisa Forrest

Lisa-Forrest_600x600It’s not everyday that you associate a Lifestyle Lens Procedure with a golf swing tip, but Lisa Forrest did so when she went to see Dr. Anthony W. Evangelista at Kleiman | Evangelista Eye Center for bilateral lens replacement surgery.

“I wanted to see where my golf ball landed, and now I can—simple as that,” Forrest said.  “I felt like I was in great hands.  I was never stressed, and I was never concerned that I was receiving the best care possible”

Forrest is very active.  Not only is she an avid golfer, but the Mazatlan, Mexico resident plays a lot of Bridge.  She also teaches underprivileged Mexican girls the art of sewing with the intent of helping them make a living with it.

When Forrest traveled to the Dallas area to learn more about and undergo bilateral lens replacement surgery, she came away with quite the impression.

“My impression of Dr. Evangelista is that he is very direct.  He told me exactly what to expect.  He directed me to the lenses that would best serve my vision needs based on my lifestyle and goals,” Forrest said.  “I was impressed by the friendly, knowledgeable staff.  By that I mean everyone from the front office staff, the technicians, the patient liaison, and the team of doctors who cared for me.”

“One of the surprises to me was the fact that there was no pain for me.  This really is a pain-free procedure,” Forrest recalled.  “What I immediately noticed is the clarity in my distance vision…the difference in colors is remarkable, and I feel much safer driving now that I can actually see signs. I look forward to driving at night now because that’s where I have struggled the most.”

Keith Warren, Outdoor Television Host

Keith-Warren_600x600“Words can’t explain how incredibly thankful I am to Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center for giving me the gift of sight back. Little did I know that the LifeStyle Lens Procedure would change my life so drastically.”

“As an avid outdoorsman and host to three nationally broadcasted outdoor television shows, good vision is a must. For years I tolerated glasses and contacts, but was never satisfied as the elements Mother Nature dishes out can be challenging to say the least. But after the procedure, my eyes are actually better than they were when I was a teenager. Seriously!”

“With this new gift of HD vision, I now realize how I always took my vision for granted. Now, I find myself taking safety precautions and wear eye protection so I never lose this wonderful gift”

“The personalized service was a real treat. The entire staff made me feel welcome but more importantly, they made me feel like I was literally the only patient they had. Nothing could have been better, and that is saying a lot.”

“It took me almost two months following the procedure to stop reaching for my glasses each morning when I woke up. But, each time I turn the alarm clock off I am reminded of the great gift of vision made possible by Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center.”

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