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Lifestyle Lenses for Treating Cataracts

Cataracts are an inevitable part of aging, but the procedure to restore your vision before further vision loss occurs can change your life, and, according to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it could even lengthen it. We offer a variety of Lifestyle Lenses for those who are tired of wearing glasses or contacts and want to permanently see a brighter, better world.

Here are our most popular Lifestyle Lenses:

AcroSof IQ Restor

About AcroSof IQ ReSTOR


This lens is for patients with an active lifestyle who also spend time at the computer or enjoy reading. It corrects or multiple distances to accommodate your activities and lifestyle.

How It Works

The AcroSof IQ ReSTOR uses “apodized diffractive” technology, which functions like two lenses in one, allowing for near, intermediate, and distance vision correction.

Patient Results

In clinical trials, the AcroSof IQ ReSTOR completely eliminated the need for corrective eyewear in over 80% of those who had both eyes treated. 94% of patients involved in the clinical trials reported they would elect to have the procedure

TECNIS Symfony

About TECNIS Symfony


This lens is also for patients who lead active lives and want to see the world with better eyes at long and close ranges.

How It Works

The Symfony elongates focus, rather than splitting light across multiple foci, and creates an enhanced depth of field. It offers sharper contrast, optimizes vision in any lighting condition, and clarifies near,intermediate, and distance vision.

Patient Results

Research shows 85% of patients using the Symfony no longer wore glasses or only wore them very rarely.