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The first step in determining whether or not you have cataracts and which treatment choice can be best tailored to your vision is a cataract screening. The screening process takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and involves a series of computer-aided and traditional testing methods administered by a skilled technician to gather your eyes’ prescription, topography and overall health, followed by a thorough overview of treatment options and a meeting with one of our experienced ophthalmologists.


Without touching your eye, the WaveScan determines the unique topography of your eyes in order to create a “road map” for your personalized vision correction.


Your technician will measure your refractive error (basically your level of vision imperfection) using a computer-controlled machine called an autorefractor. This helps determine what treatment option will be best for you.

Glare Test

The glare test is used to assess visual function when looking at bright lights. While looking at an eye chart, lights are introduced that simulate the effect of bright sunlight or nighttime glare.


The Pentacam is basically a corneal camera. It takes thousands of pictures of your eye in just seconds that tell your doctor the distinct shape, structure and thickness of your cornea so that he or she can decide on your most safe and effective treatment option(s).


One of our cataract counselors will explain the technology, procedure and expected results of our LenSx Laser Cataract Surgery and go over all of our various LifeStyle Lens options.

Vision Correction Evaluation

One of our knowledgeable optometrists will take all test results and observations into consideration and determine the best treatment plan to give you the most optimal vision to fit your lifestyle.

Meet Your Surgeon

Drs. Kleiman, Evangelista, Frasier, Ramsey or Sobti will meet with you to discuss the next steps regarding your vision correction surgery so that you are comfortable proceeding.