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Five Things to Do for a Stress-Less Spring

 | Kleiman | Evangelista | 

Spring is in the air! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming. It’s a great time to throw open the windows, do a little spring cleaning, dust off your bike and maybe even find the dog’s leash. There’s nothing like beautiful weather to make you want to get moving. Read more…

Reading vision Dallas

“Over-40” Vision? We Can Help.

 | Kleiman | Evangelista | 

Remember when life was simple? Yeah. Us neither.

Life is flat out busy for people in their 40s…raising a growing family, managing a household and a career. There is nothing simple about that. It’s no wonder you lose things when you’re pulled in so many different directions at the same time. Your keys, your glasses…your MIND.

So simplifying life wherever possible is always a good idea. Read more…

dry eye dallas

Winter Weather and Your Eyes

 | Kleiman | Evangelista | 

When temperatures drop, most people remember a coat to stay warm and gloves to keep their fingers toasty. Maybe even a hat and scarf. But don’t forget about protecting your eyes in harsh winter weather. Read more…

Living Magazine Cover Story: January 2016

 | Kleiman | Evangelista | 

Before the holidays, Living Magazine writer Melissa Gautier, spoke with each of the Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center surgeons to discuss advancements in eye care that have them excited, what made them choose ophthalmology, why they still love it and more. The cover story, “See it. Believe it. Experience it.” from the January 2016 issue is below.

Read more…

LASIK Dallas

LASIK – A Glimpse into the Future of Vision Correction

 | Kleiman | Evangelista | 

Surgical vision correction technology has come a long way since its early days, allowing more and more people to be free from the burden of glasses and contacts. From the first radial keratotomy procedure performed in Detroit, Michigan in 1978 to the FDA clinical trials of the year 2000 that made laser vision correction a completely bladeless procedure, vision correction has dramatically evolved.

Read more…

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